If the idea of tidying your documents appeals to you but the command line doesn’t, or if you’re looking for an integrated solution that incorporates HTML Tidy, then the projects and applications on this page may be of interest to you.

Note that items appearing here aren’t endorsements by HTACG or the HTML Tidy Project team, but we do exercise some editorial discretion about what appears here. If you think there’s something we’re missing that uses modern Tidy or libtidy, please feel free to issue a github pull request against this web site, and we will be sure to add it. You will want to add a file to this directory.



edbrowse incorporates HTML Tidy 5 libtidy to help visually impaired people use the internet.

edbrowse is a combination editor, browser, and mail client that is 100% text based. The interface is similar to /bin/ed, though there are many more features, such as editing multiple files simultaneously and rendering html.

This program was originally written for blind users, but many sighted users have taken advantage of the unique scripting capabilities of this program which can be found nowhere else. A batch job or cron job can access web pages on the internet, submit forms, and send email, with no human intervention whatsoever.

edbrowse can also tap into databases through ODBC.

(The content above was adapted from edbrowse.org.)

Visit its GitHub repository for the latest and greatest.



mod_tidy uses HTML Tidy libtidy to make sure that Apache 2 serves clean, valid, and pretty HTML.

mod_tidy is a libtidy based DSO module for the Apache HTTP Server Version 2 to parse, clean-up and pretty-print the webservers’ (X)HTML output.

(The content above was adapted from its Sourceforge site.)

PHP Tidy

PHP Tidy

PHP offers Tidy functions and integration with its output buffer system built against libtidy.

Tidy is a binding for the Tidy HTML clean and repair utility which allows you to not only clean and otherwise manipulate HTML documents, but also traverse the document tree.

(The content above was adapted from its PHP manual page.)